Spirit of Infirmity Cast Out in Jesus Name - John Mellor

John Mellor - November 2013

This young man had suffered pain in his neck and constant headaches all of his life. After the first prayer, nothing changed. With the second prayer, he could feel the pain lessen. On the third prayer, all pain left his neck and head, but moved to his right arm. This was a clear indication that there's a spirit of infirmity behind the condition, which needed to be rebuked and cast off in Jesus' name. When all pain left his arm, he ran around the church to celebrate! Two keys when you're praying for people are to be persistent and keep praying even when nothing seems to be happening at first. Often there's a battle in the heavenlies for a miracle and our persistent prayers can bind, break and release what's needed to get a breakthrough. Also, pray from authority and faith in Christ, not from your emotions.

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