Nanny for Celebrity Family Becomes a Christian - Bethel

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA

Product salesperson was checking in for a flight. At the check-in kiosk he was offered to upgrade. He went against his "better judgement" following a sense of peace and purchased an upgrade costing $180. However he was thinking "Why did I do that?"
Boarding the plane he sat next to a Guatemalan woman who was a nanny to various high profile Celebrities. They made small talk and she suddenly said, "Are you a Christian?"
He had not spoken of his faith until that point but answered,"Yes."
Her response was that she knew as soon as she first saw him that he was. She announced,"I am not a Christian." Then began to share how, ever since she was a little girl, she "has known about things before they happen, known things about people, and has dreams that tell her things."
She also said he was the first person ever she had told theses things with except her husband and mom for fear of being rejected and thought of this being weird....
The salesperson shared several of his own testimonies and told her he understood her fears. He then asked her what she knew about Jesus.
She said she knew He was the Son of God but did not agree with a certain Church (denomination). She said how much she loved the families and kids she cared for even when they were not nice to her. She then suddenly said in broken English, "I want to be Christian."
Salesman shared the Gospel and she accepted Christ.
She then began to use her gift of Prophecy boldly to give the Salesman encouragement regarding a personal relationship.
The Salesman said, "Peace settled over the first class section of our flight. It was worth every penny if the $180 I spent."