Liver Enzymes from Lupus Return to Normal - Sherry Evans

Sherry Evans

I received a very precious praise report today!

When I ministered at Outreach for Youth, near Columbus, OH, there was a young lady sitting on the front row waiting for prayer. When I got near to her, she began shaking! I hadn't even prayed for her yet. She had NO idea what was going on, but I knew that the Lord was touching her.

She told me that she had lupus, and that her liver enzymes were very high and that she had to have a biopsy. She was so afraid, and my heart just broke for her. I prayed a simple prayer.

When she went back to the doctor, her liver enzymes were NORMAL.

That is the Lord's great love and mercy for her! It really was not about me, but reports like that makes it all worth it!