Prison Guard Asks Christian Inmate to Pray for Her Daughter Who Has Cancer

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA

Prisoners healing cancer: A single mom of a six-year-old girl finds out her daughter has serious cancer with as little as six months to live. Single mom tell's her mother who is a prison guard. Grandmother doesn't know what to do but remembers a prisoner that believes God heals. The next day at work she approaches the prisoner with her prayer request. He agrees to pray. He finds five other prisoners that believe God heals, but their walk with God is questionable. Later that evening the prisoners joined hands and began to pray. Everyone's hands got really hot to the point they actually wanted to let go, but they did not. The prisoner leading this intercession says "It has been broken off we can stop praying now."

A few days later the grandmother prison guard comes rushing into the prison to find the believing prisoner. She is excited to say the new test revealed no cancer in her granddaughter! Granddaughter went back for more test two days later to confirm the results. Results confirmed no cancer. Our God is good! If we make ourselves available God will use us as he demonstrates his love to us and through us. Huntsville, Texas