A Profressional Athlete is Healed Over Skype - Bethel



A Healing Rooms Skype team prayed for a professional athlete who had two slipped discs. He was lying on the floor while receiving prayer, his back bent over at a right angle. The team had his wife and another lady with them to lay hands on his back. After one or two minutes of prayer, the athlete checked it out. His wife said, "Look at that! You can stand up more easily." He walked around and said, "Wow. The pain is decreasing, and my muscles are more relaxed." Then they prayed again and gave thanks for what God was doing. They asked him to test it again, and the ladies said the angle his back was bent in had straightened out about an inch.

Then a member of the prayer team, Jared, had a word of knowledge for an issue with a knee. The athlete had a big bone spur on his knee the size of an egg. The doctors had told him there was nothing that could be done about it. The Skype team instructed the two ladies to pray and joined with them in prayer, and it decreased by two-thirds. The ladies, laughing, were stunned.

He then walked around again to check it out, and Jared felt like one of his feet was shorter than the other. His wife said his left leg was, indeed, shorter than the other. They had him sit on a chair and measured his legs and saw that the one was definitely shorter. The team trained the ladies to pray for him by commanding the left leg to grow out. It grew out. They were all excited. Then Jared said, "I feel like one of you ladies also has a shorter leg." One did. The other lady was holding it and, looking up into the screen, said, "It's shorter." When she looked down again, it had already grown out. Everyone had so much joy and fun, and the man's back was much straighter than before.