Lead Witch Over Region is Delivered - Satanic Family Could Not Stand Up to God - Don Allen

Don Allen sent TGN this amazing testimony

Oct 8th, 2014

I just finished up a tent revival in a small town in Kansas. On the very first night a woman came in and sat across the tent. During the whole service, she would go in and out of consciousness. Looking around the room like a crouching animal, her eyes were hollow and totally blacked out. Evil.

At the end of the message I pointed at her and waved her up front. She stood before me and immediately I could see she was demon possessed. I asked a group of believers to join me and I began to command the demons to leave her.

I took her hands and gently said, " look at me." Then she would growl and twist and fight. I held on and said, " Look at me."

Once again it was like a woman giving birth. She yelled, growled, twisted. We cast the devils out of her, she immediately ran outside the tent and threw up. After spending the week with her. We found out she was the lead witch over that region.

She was dedicated to satan at age 14 by her family who are also all witches. She was the porthole for the demons to flow through to that area. Also she controlled all the meth/heroin trade that ran through a very large area.

The night she was delivered, we had an earthquake about 5 minutes later. The enemy has lost his grip. We then had a tornado a couple days after that, that chased us all over town. We took care of that too.

She informed me that was sent to us from her family. We have broken the coven. The family wanted me to come meet them. She was fearful for my life. I told her I would come to their house. Instead, they cancelled. They are scared.

Her brother, who is also a witch contacted her and wants out. He said if there was a power that was stronger than her, he needed to experience it. She was the, " Hit"- she would curse people and they would die or suffer. But she was no match for the Greater One!

There is much more to the story that I will share as we are walking it out daily.

Don Allen's website is: http://twoguysandabible.com/