Woman Raised From The Dead On The Road - Bethel

 Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woman Raised From The Dead On The Road

This story was originally published on the Bethel Church website.

Jon, a young man from Orange County, CA, shared this testimony with us recently:

Jonwas driving on the freeway on Father’s Day with his cousin from Chicago, who had prayed the night before that God would use him. They  were driving to Jon’s church on Sunday morning. There was a lot of  traffic, and he saw two policemen zoom by on his right.

There was a big  accident. One car was on fire on the shoulder, its front smashed in. The  other car also had a smashed front. Two guys were giving CPR to a woman  on the ground, her boyfriend and someone else.

The cops were already  there, but the paramedics weren’t there yet. Jon and his cousin somehow  were able to lay hands on her. As Jon was taking her pulse, she died in  front of him.

So he and his cousin started praying in tongues. Jon saw  her spirit and an angel and demon fighting over it. God showed him that  her soul was on the line, so Jon was contending for her. Twenty minutes  later, she was alive! The policemen kept trying to get him to move away,  but he wouldn’t. He kept contending for her soul.

After, the  boyfriend hugged them and said, “God is so good.” He gave them his phone  number. Her family are all going to go back to church now.

She  had broken her C2 vertebra. She’s in the hospital now, so they went to  see her. They sang over her “God heals me, too” to the tune of “God  is So Good.”