A Big Toe Nail Grows Supernaturally!

A Big Toe Nail Grows Supernaturally! :)

May 10, 2011

(testimony taken from Love Says Go website)

A   couple days ago we did a Holy Spirit “Mad lib” map where we fill in  blank clues like. Drive_____ (1-8) miles in this direction. Turn  _______( Left or Right) and drive _____(1-8) blocks and look for  _______(color) and ________(noun).

So our map lead us to Walgreens and  our clue was a “blue ball”. In the store two ladies knees were healed.  One lady had a knee injury for over 20 years and the other around 10  years of constant pain. They both had increased mobility and zero pain!  Come on Jesus.

Down an Isle located by a “blue ball” we met a lady that  said she didn’t need any prayer. My friend asked “how about your feet?” Looking down we noticed a band aid on her big left toe. She said she  recently had her left toe operated on. She was in pain and her toe nail had fallen off and only a ¼ inch had grown back since the surgery. My  friends started releasing Gods good mood over her toe and Immediately  the pain left. Within a few minutes her toe  nail had grown out completely to the end of her toe. It had grown an  additional 3/8 inch in just a few minutes. Wow that’s incredible!

Everyone was amazed at her new toe nail. The internet says nails grow an  average of 1/8 inch per month. So Jesus gave her 3 months of growth in  about 10 minutes. That’s an amazing miracle! Hahaha

Some people may say  “Why would Jesus care to grow a toe nail out? It would grow back anyways  on its own” My answer is because Jesus really cares about the smallest  and biggest issues in everyone’s lives. The lady would rather have a  full length toe nail than a sliver of one so Jesus grew it out  supernaturally.

ALL circumstances are very important to Him! I love to  celebrate everything that Jesus does from big toe nails growing to the  dead being raised…Its all glory to our King!! Haha that’s a fun miracle!