Stage 4 Cancer Healed Through Skype


Diane N. had stage 4 cancer in all parts of her body.  It was  from her head to her pelvis and hips. It had eaten through her number 7  vertebra and was eating into her spinal column. She was in horrible pain  (a 9 or 10), which she endured for 2 or 3 weeks. She was on a strong  pain medicine like heroine, but it didn’t work. For four days she was in  unbearable pain. She couldn’t even talk. She wasn’t sleeping. She was  in agony. In the blinking of an eye, she said, the pain was gone. Her  daughter Danielle asked her to come into the room for the Skype call to  the Healing Rooms on December 4, 2010. The prayer servant simply said,  “Be healed in Jesus’ name.” The severe pain instantly left. The prayer  servant asked if there was other pain, and there was in her back. She  prayed for that, too, and it was gone. There used to be a little nodule  left on Diane’s breast, but it is gone. It went away immediately! She  had had MRIs the day before. Her oncologist, who is a believer, said “To  do an MRI costs almost $13,000 so we can’t do them for a couple of  months, but I believe with all my heart that you are healed.”