The Treasure Hunter Becomes the Treasure! - Kevin Dedmon

 The Treasure Hunter Becomes the Treasure!

Posted by Kevin Dedmon in Treasure Hunt Testimonies on Nov 19th, 2010

A young woman brought her sister, who was visiting from Sweden, on one of our Treasure Hunts here at Bethel Church, in Redding, California.  The Treasure Hunters filled in their Treasure Maps, as the Holy Spirit gave each one of them clues of the Treasures they were to find that day.

The sister from Sweden contributed clues that led the team to an art studio in downtown Redding.  As they began to minister to the owners of the studio, it was apparent that the couple fit the description of several of the clues listed on the Treasure Hunters maps, including the sister’s from Sweden.  Even more interesting, the couple are members at our church, and former pastors in the area.

After ten minutes into the conversation, the husband broke into the conversation, saying, “This might seem a little strange.  I don’t know any of you, but I feel like someone on your Treasure Hunt team needs to be saved.”

With that, the sister from Sweden responded, “That would be me.  I just came on this Treasure Hunt because my sister invited me.  I can see now how that God must have a good plan and purpose for my life.”  The husband then led her to Christ, to the shock and amazement of the rest of the Treasure Hunt team who had all just assumed that she had been a believer!

The amazing thing about this testimony is that she actually got words of knowledge that led her to the person who would lead her to Christ.  That is a first for me!  We serve a creative God, who is able to position us in the right place at the right time.