Tendonitis Pain Leaves and Brace is Taken Off - TGN Exclusive - Brae & Jill Wyckoff

TGN Exclusive- Brae and Jill Wyckoff

October 26, 2013 - Understanding Dreams and Visions Class in Santa Barbara, CA

Jill and I were attending a training class in Santa Barbara and one of the students I noticed had a brace on her hand. I asked what was going on and she said she has a lot of pain due to tendonitis. She is a believer and moves in the gifts so she was very open for prayer and actually hungry for us to pray for her. She said the pain was quite significant if she moved it a certain way. We had her test it out right now to make sure that pain was there and you can see her face grimace when she twisted it. Another student, myself, and Jill surrounded her and laid hands on her and started commanding the pain to leave.  

The first go around she noticed a lot of improvement and the pain lessened, but it wasn't 100% so we prayed again. More pain left but some of it lingered so we tackled it again a 3rd time. This time she twisted it in ways that it would trigger great pain and nothing happened, no pain. Yay Jesus! We celebrated God's victory and at the same time all of us considered this normal Christianity, because it is. 

We did not give lengthy or wordy prayers just simply commanded the pain to leave in Jesus name and then checked it out. We judged the sickness/pain to be guilty and then escorted it away back to hell where it came from.  The End!

Picture below is the young girl healed holding her brace and giving the thumbs up with the healed hand. 

Nancy healed of tendonitis.jpg