Power of the Testimony Can Duplicate A Healing - Broken Bone Healed

Ghis Tn

Jesus is awesome!

Yesterday i saw the video posted by Brae Wyckoff "Jesus healed a Broken Foot in the Airport"...I remembered my younger brother also had a broken foot and has been lying on his Bed for almost 3 weeks now. After the work i went back home and decided to call him and pray for him. I asked him to lay hands on his feet and i pray a simple 5 min prayer and i commanded all Broken bones to be restored, all pain to go, all muscles to be restored in Jesus name...I asked him to try to do something he couldn't do before...He tried to move his foot and and pains...He decided to wake up and try to walk....And guess what happened? He started crying..."I can walk, I can Walk"...All the co-tenants of the house came out because he was screaming and crying so loud...They were all shocked to see him walk...and told me that he was feeling something warm inside his foot and he could feel like things were being restored...The Broken foot(the right one) was thinner than the left one. He told me that he is saw his foot growing and becoming as big as the left foot...He was so shocked and cry almost all the night...Now everyone is speaking about it in my family and among his friends...He decided to be a Follower of Jesus...Thank you Lord!!!

Jesus is real, and soooooooo Good ...
I thank you for all the Testimonies here in this Forum that are motivating me to step out of the Boat and pray for people!!!

To God be the Glory