Pain of Fibromyalgia is Healed - Joanne Beasley

Joanne Beasley

We had our church home group meeting tonight. When Tina arrived, she said she felt the fibromyalgia symptoms coming on and she "knew" she would have to take pain medication that evening when she got home. So at our prayer time, she wanted prayer for the pain to go and as another gal prayed that "IF it be Your will, God, to heal her, please do, and help her to bear with it in the meantime", I had a vision of the fibromyalgia laughing at me like saying "hahaha! they don't even believe it is God's will to heal … hee!hee! They don't know if He wants to heal her or not! I'll have my way in her! haha!" It was like it was taunting me.

So I layed hands on her and said something to the effect of "Jesus You said we shall lay hands on the sick and they SHALL recover. And I believe You. You love Tina and want to see her well. You smile on her as she is loving on the little children at the preschool and I know You want her pain free to love on them. You also said You have given us all authority over the enemy to trample on serpents and scorpions and so I crush you fibromyalgia under my feet in the Name of Jesus. Be gone, in Jesus's Name. Jesus, You also said ask that my joy may be full so I ask that my joy may be full that you heal Tina's body completely…" and some other things I don't remember it all. Afterwards she said she felt warmth throughout her body and the pain was gone except in her feet. So I prayed for her feet specifically, laying hands on them. And then we said goodbye. So I texted her afterwards to see how her feet were doing and she texted back "Much better! Everything is! My body is tingling. I'm even able to cut out my stuff for work without pain right now." Yay Jesus! Yay Jesus! Yay Jesus! It's not a formula. I was surprised she felt warmth and tingling because I don't think anyone I've prayed for has ever said that before! I know I shouldn't be surprised! I am just so stoked and happy for her and happy and joyful…I AM JOYFUL! JESUS ANSWERED MY PRAYER … I ASKED THAT MY JOY MAY BE FULL AND IT IS!