Stage 4 Liver Cancer Healed - FBI Art Montgomery

Fbi Art Montgomery 

"Do you have anybody to forgive." Powerful. The first person I ever prayed for in a hospital with stage 4 Liver cancer and being sent home to die because they could not stop the bleeding out of her liver to many holes they said. She forgave her husband and they sent her home to die after we prayed the prayer of faith. That night a angel walked into her room and put his hand on her swollen stomach and it went flat instantly.  Forgiveness is powerful even if you do not get healing. But gang you do not need to do this every time to get people healed but if you run in to it to a place where nothing is working go head and do it. It is good for all of us. It can not hurt. Most of us have been hurt by someone that is just a fact. Blessings.