Liver Cancer Healed and Transplant Cancelled - Bethel


Four years ago, when Chuck Parry and Joaquin Evans were at a healing conference in Ohio, Chuck prayed for a man who was waiting to have a liver transplant because he had liver cancer. His liver and intestines stuck out, and he had drainage tubes. Chuck remembered that he had seen two people healed of liver cancer that summer, so Chuck told him to put his hand on his liver area. Chuck put his hand on the man's hand and declared life. The liver was touched, and the swelling went down.

Then, prompted by the Holy Spirit, Chuck told the man's reserved-looking friend beside him to lay hands on him, and the two of them would laugh over the man's belly. As they did, the man's belly instantly shrank. A month later, Chuck received the report that he was healed of cancer.

Recently, the same man that had prayed with Chuck over the man with cancer came to the Healing Rooms and said that though he was formerly conservative and resistant to the idea of being overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, since that time, he easily gets "drunk" in the Spirit. Chuck prayed for him, and he toppled right over. His wife quipped, "I can't take him anywhere!"

The other man, he reported, never needed that liver transplant.

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