Woman Receives New Eardrum and Nerves After Prayer

Location: Springtown, Texas

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A number of years ago, I was an avid runner (50 miles a week.) On one of my runs home, I noticed a Christian bumper sticker on a neighbor's car. Since I didn't know these particular neighbors, I made a mental note to go introduce myself and my wife to them.  I did this later in the day and immediately had a good fellowship with this young husband and wife. They were in their mid-thirties and my wife and I were somewhat younger but did have a lot in common with them and noted that in our first encounter with them. They invited us inside their house and offered us coffee to drink which we accepted. We were seated across a coffee table from them. At some point in our fellowship, the man asked if we could pray with each other and we agreed.

He began to pray and within seconds of that time, I heard the Lord say to me "Put your left hand on her ear." I reached across the coffee table with my left hand and put it on her ear and immediately felt a surge of divine electricity pass from my hand into her ear.  This was the first time that I had ever experienced something like this in healing. With excitement, I immediately said "The Lord has just healed your left ear."  Well, she looked up at me with a very puzzled expression and I immediately felt doubt. I felt that maybe there was nothing wrong with her ear but didn't express my doubt out loud for them to hear. She said "You said that the Lord has healed my left ear but you didn't have your hand on my left ear but on my right ear."  She was right, while it was my left hand. I had reached across the table and had put my hand on her right ear, not her left ear.  She went on to say "There is nothing wrong with my left ear but I was born without hearing in my right ear and don't have any of the normal things that allow people to hear. I don't have an ear drum. I don't even have nerves in that ear. Well, that made me feel better but there was no obvious change in the ear. However, the next morning she woke up with normal hearing in that ear. Everything that was missing was supplied by the Lord. She had a creative miracle from the Lord.

My early experience with the Lord in healing was laden with misunderstanding about healing. One of those misunderstandings was that in order for a healing or miracle to happen, a revelation like this was needed in advance. While I do occasionally get words of knowledge for healings and miracles like this, 99% of the tens of thousands of healings and miracles I have seen have not involved a word of knowledge. Anyone can receive a healing or a miracle by simply coming to Jesus as Healer in simple faith.  However, things do happen like this because our God is very gracious.