A Violent Night 20 Years Ago Finds Redemption Through Child Who Was 6 Months Old Then

Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries - October, 2013

A few weeks ago in The Delta Healing Rooms we had a new lady come in for ministry.  She was the first one in the door that night and took some time filling out the registration form.  We found out that one of our friends had sent her in.  As we moved into ministry for her, the Lord was specific with me that she needed to go in with a particular team.  They ministered for a long time ... the night was a bit slow so they had time.  She had relief from the pain she was in, she found freedom and healing from many of the emotional wounds she was carrying, and most importantly she accepted Jesus as her Savior. 

The next day I got a call from our friend who had sent her in and heard the back story. 

Twenty years ago the two couples had been together at a New Year's Eve party at our friend's home.  Our friend's 13 year old daughter was caring for her 6 month old sister and some other children down the street at the other couple's house (the home of the woman who came into DHR for ministry.)  Well after midnight the 13 year old woke to the sounds of fighting in the house ... the husband of the couple was drunk and angry and was attacking his wife.  The sitter scooped her sister up out of the crib she was in, ran outside and called her parents in a panic.  They called the police, came and got their daughters and did what they could to help.  Ultimately the husband went to jail for what he had done, and the couple split up.  And the wife drifted away from our friends until just a few months ago.

At DHR a few weeks ago, the youngest team member in the room heard and spoke over this woman "Redemption."  Like I mentioned above, the woman came to know Jesus that night.  Our young team member knew nothing about the back story until the next morning when her mom, our friend, told her about it.  She had been the 6 month old baby sleeping in the crib!