Woman Walked Away Pain Free and Saved After Encounter With Jesus - Bethel


Intern Philipp Schmerold shared how missing a flight turned into a divine appointment.

The Lord knows why I'm supposed to miss a flight. Once again my flight was delayed so that I would miss a tight connection from San Francisco to Denver, so I knew I was going to have to wait in San Francisco for several hours. As we were landing, I noticed the woman sitting in front of me had medicine in her open bag. I offered to carry her bag outside the plane as we landed just to help her. We walked inside where she wanted to wait for a wheelchair. We sat down, and I shared Jesus with her. She told me that she has no feeling in her legs, and they burn like she was walking on broken glass. I took her hand and said, "The Lord Jesus is going to heal your legs." It was so dramatic that instantly feeling came back into her legs, and the burning went away. She no longer needed the wheelchair, the thing we were waiting for. She began to cry, and I still shared Jesus with her. She told me that she had six more months to live because the medicine had destroyed her liver. Besides that, she has nerve damage and diabetes, all of which we rebuked in the name of Jesus. I was shocked and knew she had to get saved.

She gave her life to the Lord right then and there, and literally started sobbing and put her hands in front of her face saying, "Thank you, Jesus, for saving me." She said to me that she thinks I'm sent from heaven. I also gave her my e-mail. I believe she will be totally healed spirit, soul and body.

She went on her way to the gate, walking, not in the wheelchair.
Praise God.