Explosion of Testimonies During Travel to Ministry Destination - Bethel


Second-year student, Dyani Romero, saw the Lord do great things even on the way to a ministry trip. Here is what she shared:

On the drive down to the Sacramento Airport we stopped at a store to use the restroom and ended up leading a girl to rededicate her life to Jesus, and another customer in the store had her back and knee healed of pain. Then at the airport I prayed for a worker and the pain in his back left. Then on the plane I sat across from a young man. I ended up speaking with him the whole plane ride. I felt in my heart that Holy Spirit said he is ready to be saved. He had such a hungry heart. He ended up receiving Jesus, being baptized in the Spirit, praying in tongues, prophesying and praying for the person next to him for healing, all on the plane!

Then when we got off, I saw a man sitting on the ground with a brace on his foot and crutches leaning against the wall. So I went over to him and asked what happened. He said he broke two bones in his foot on Wednesday while playing basketball (this was a Thursday, so he just broke it). He allowed me to pray. I asked how it feels and to test it out. He moved his toes around, and his eyebrows went up because he was not feeling pain. He ended up taking off the brace and getting up and walking on it, and going up on the balls of his feet, without the brace or crutches! He was tripping out, his co-workers were tripping out and so were we! He also took off his socks and realized that the place where it was previously protruding had gone down! It wasn't protruding anymore. Then a girl came up and asked what was going on. I proceeded to tell her and lead her to rededicate her life to Jesus!