Couple Could Not Get Pregnant For Years Until After Prayer - Erin Heide Wilson

Erin Heide Wilson sent TGN this amazing testimony:

Hi I just wanted to share a miracle breakthrough. A close couple to us have been trying to conceive a child for years and years with no success. There were some genetic issues in the way and the couple had been going through fertility treatments to no success. We had been praying – along with many other people – for them for years, but this year on July 1, I felt a special unction to offer to pray for them again. They had stopped fertility treatments. Myself and my husband, another couple and the couple unable to conceive gathered together and cried out to God, declaring the promises of Scripture and asking the God who healed Hannah and Sarah and many women of the Bible- The God who authors life and opens wombs- To come and heal and give them a child. I felt an incredible purity of love permeate that moment. Within two weeks they were pregnant!! Praise God! Ironically and wonderfully, within three weeks I was pregnant too!! God is the God who opens wombs!  He is faithful and His Word works!!!