7 Year Nerve Damage in Hand is Healed - Graz, Austria- Bill Dew

Testimony of healing took place at a Vineyard Church healing service in Graz, Austria in September 2014

TGN exclusive as we were on site to witness this firsthand. Bill and Carol Dew ministries website is: http://www.dewnamis.com/

Bill Dew called out anyone with nerve damage to stand. Healing team went around and laid hands on those standing for only 10 to 15 seconds. Young guy, Revon, testified that he had nerve damage in his hands and he was unable to line up his palms and fingers straight but showed everyone that God had healed him when he straightened out his fingers and palms together.

He was involved in an accident 7 years ago and had some nerves severed in his arm. It left him unable to straighten some of his fingers on his left hand. Even though he believes in a religion other than Christian, he came to the Healing meeting at the invitation of the man in white. During prayer over the congregation -- his fingers were completely healed and he straightened his fingers as you can see.