Woman Had No Abdomen But After Prayer It Regrew - Ben Fitzgerald


In Lancaster, Ohio, Ben Fitzgerald called out a word of knowledge for someone who had a defect because of childbirth. In the meeting was a woman whose abdomen muscles had been torn and were gone. Over 25 years, the muscles in her abdomen just kept ripping up. All she had was skin, and she could feel the inside of her stomach. God regrew her abdominal muscles in five minutes. She had a brand new abdomen, a "six pack." The whole church was radically touched. In that church, the fear of the Lord was so strong, a woman said, trembling, "I must be baptized right now." They asked where. She said, "Outside the church, there is a muddy creek." She got baptized in the muddy creek at night with the car lights turned on and all the church watching.