Pseudotumor Cerebri (Mimics a Brain Tumor) was Healed - Bethel



I am 32 years old, and I live in California.  I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri a couple of years ago and suffered from it for years prior to diagnosis. It mimics a brain tumor. It took a year of aggressively going to the doctor to get diagnosed because all my tests came back fine. By the time I was preparing to go to the Bethel Music Tides Concert (in Fairfield, CA), I had been bedridden for months and was unable to hold down food or water without medicine and even then would sometimes have to go to the emergency room. I could not walk straight. I had vertigo, poor equilibrium, and chronic fatigue that caused me to walk hunched over with a limp. I had visual distortions and ringing in my ears and swooshing. I vomited every morning and dreaded going to sleep because a pillow felt like a ton of bricks. I had a permanent low-grade dull headache 24/7 with swells of pressure that would leave me unable to think and function. 

I was in an MSW program on a fellowship and had to withdraw. My neurologist and ophthalmologist were pressuring me to get brain surgery that was not a cure but would possibly help relieve the symptoms. I went to the concert with my mom out of a desire to connect with my new home (I am moving to Redding in January) and did not know that I would leave the concert healed. (I had been to the Healing Rooms last year.) 

When the concert began, I did not recognize the music, and I couldn't read the words.  But I felt the glory of God riding on the sound waves, and the waves of sound moved like the tide coming on and off of a shore.  God's glory would flow into me and fill me up and then flow back out through my toes, over and over as I declared the names of God (there was a prophecy that He was declaring His names as we declared them to Him).  During a break between songs, a Bethel Music leader prophesied that someone had been rejected.  I was prayed for, and I was blessed, and I was freed from that spirit of rejection. 

But God was not finished. I left the concert early because my body was starting to hurt (I could not sit in a chair without a special pad and even then I had about an hour). When I got home, I was walking towards the gate and felt a finger (I guess it was an angel) touch the base of my spine and like a zipper go all the way up to my neck! When this happened, I had to reposition myself to be upright instead of hunched over. I started to walk straight, and then I shouted to my mom and jumped in the air a couple times! Then I took off running through the corridor, yelling for my brother while running up the stairs to the apartment. This is how slowly I moved before: my mom was in the corridor for 5-10 minutes worried and confused looking for me because she couldn't understand how I could have moved that fast (and it was night time). My brother and I walked through the compound rejoicing! I ran upstairs and jumped off of things—no nausea, no vertigo, no pain, no nothing! I was just happy to walk, but my brother said, "You are healed!"

I heard a voice say, "This is just the beginning. Take the rest of the medicine you have left, and your healing will continue to come." I was not sure what to believe, so I stopped to pray and ask God. I listened to the song "Healer," and the words said, "I believe that you are all I need." BOOM! I don't need medicine. I flushed the pills and meds down the toilet. I was scared, but I went and told my doctor. He was happy for me. I can walk, run, jump, eat, drink, hear clearly, see without distortions. I have no pressure in my head, no pain in my body and plenty of energy. People are amazed! It's like the desolate city in Ezekiel 36. I went from being desolate and torn down to being a walking, talking miracle for the King!  I praise God for the power of his praises, for His ever-advancing kingdom and brothers and sisters who believe in it. On earth as it is in heaven! I am healed, and I am delivered from infirmity and rejection! God is truly good.

I had PCOS as well, but I have walked into peace! I believe God! He is super duper good!