Hindu Woman Was Tormented by Depression Until She Met Jesus

Prayed for a Hindu lady,  who  was bound in Depression, it was  so bad that she didn’t even acknowledge me, or anything around me when I spoke to her, she just had a blank stare on her face , she  was so consumed in the depression.    She also had bad knee problems and was being supported by her daughter on one arm and son in law under the other arm as pain in her knees were so bad.  I told her about the Love , Peace  and  Joy that Christ brings to  us and He wants to set us free from sickness. As I was praying for her the Holy Spirit touched her in such a way that she started to laugh , and smile as Christ filled her with Joy and peace , she kept telling me she couldn’t stop smiling and laughing,  and we laughed together , I asked her how it felt,  she said it felt amazing .  I told her that’s the Love of Christ ,  He and He alone is the only one that can set us free from pain and Diseases ,  and He wants relationship with her. I told her to check the pain in her legs,  and  she got up and started to walk around with no assistance at all ,  she said the Pain had gone!  A friend told me she has been a different person since we prayed  and she does not experience any depression at all .  Jesus  is the one who restores, He is  the one who brings Joy ,Peace and Love in abundance to our lives . This lady met with Jesus that day, and she has been a  changed woman ever since  ,Thank you Lord