Healed of Dyslexia - Bethel


Elana has had difficulty with reading since she was really young and was confirmed to be suffering from dyslexia in May 2013.

One of the interns from BSSM dreamed during retreat week that he was reading through Elana's eyes. In this dream, he saw all the words jumbled together as Elana tried to read. He watched as he saw himself step up to Elana and pray for her, and as he prayed, he saw all the words on the page come to their correct order.

The intern, filled with faith that God was going to heal Elana, prayed for her during the retreat. That evening, Elana sat in her bed and tried to complete some of her homework reading. As she read, she realized that she understood the words, all the words were in their proper place and she was able to read without difficulty for the first time.