Man's Shoulder, Elbow, and Back All Healed - Graz, Austria - Brae Wyckoff

*TGN exclusive - Brae and Jill Wyckoff - Graz, Austria missions trip with Bill and Carol Dew of Dewnamis Ministries

Healing service- Brae Wyckoff Prayed for man with elbow pain but was led to pray for his shoulder as well. Someone else on our team also prayed for the elbow but was then led to pray for his lower back area. Man testified he was completely healed in all three areas. Bill Dew had called out anyone with elbow pain to stand and his team would go around and minister to each person for only 10 seconds. Man said not only was my elbow healed but two other people laid hands on my shoulder and back without them knowing I had pain in those areas and I was healed.