Relunctant Chaplain Raises Prison Inmate From the Dead

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA

Prison chaplain arrived home about 9pm to receive a call from his colleague saying a newly admitted inmate had been found dead in his cell as a result of hanging himself. Colleague said to chaplain "I believe God is saying you need to go pray for him." Chaplain said "No way." After 'discussing' this further Chaplain hesitantly decided to go. By the time he arrived at the prison hospital the inmate had been dead well over 45mins but they had hooked him up to life support system as part of prison policy until next of kin is notified. The life support system showed no signs of life. Chaplain walked up to guard outside infirmery who asked him why he was here. "To pray for the inmate." "Why? He's dead!" "I know." Guard shook his head and let chaplain into infirmary. Nurse inside then asked the same question and again shook her head at chaplains response and dubiously observed him as he went up to inmate lying lifeless on the metal table. Chaplain reached over and put one finger on inmates forehead. It felt like granite - stone cold. He then said "God, give him a second chance." He expected him to jump up but nothing happened. Chaplain turned to see nurse and guard watching and shaking their heads. Chaplain then went home embarrassed but at least feeling like he was obedient.

Approximately 2am the phone went. It was the prison excitedly reporting that the inmate suddenly came to life and all functions were working perfectly.
Chaplain went in to see the inmate and told him what happened. Inmate responded by giving his 'second' life to Jesus.
Twenty five years later, Chaplain still receives letters from people who have gotten to know Jesus as a result of the inmates testimony.