Prisoners Release Healing Over Guard - Now Cancer Free

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA

From businessman who goes into local prison and does Kingdom classes: "28 prisoners came into my class a few weeks back and ask if I knew a certain man in town. My response was yes I'm familiar with him. It seems this man had been one of the guards in their shop for years and used to minister the gospel to them. They learned that he now had an aggressive cancer and was asking if I would go pray with him and let him know that they were praying also. This I did as several customers looked on in the local hardware store. I made the declaration that HEALING IS COMING TO OUR COMMUNITY FROM WITHIN THE PRISON. I saw the man last week he came and told me he was now cancer free! Thank you Papa God that no matter where we are we can release the Kingdom, and no matter where we are Your love is there.