Terminal Cancer Healed in 98 Year Old Woman - Rich Sprenkel Jr

Rich Sprenkel Jr Sept 5, 2011:
I was asked to share about the 98yr old lady that was healed from Terminal Cancer. She was in same room as my mom-in-law. Always in great pain and nurses were given her pain meds continually.Passing by her on the 3rd day, I looked at her and asked; can I pray for you to be healed? She smiled and whispered to me I know Jesus, have had a fruitful life and Just want to go home(Heaven) to see my Lord. Our eyes locked.. I asked her; well can I pray to get rid of the cancer first before you see Him? Her soft worn face shamelessly said ok. We held hand as I prayed the known will of God for like 3-4minutes. Then the compassion of the Lord fell down upon us both. I cursed the cancer, decreed healing over her while body. She was completely healed, taken off all meds. She kept smiling at me. Two days later she went to be the Lord. CANCER FREE