2 Aneurysms of the Brain and Doctors Declare 2 Weeks to Live - Jesus says NO and Doctors Stunned

August 29, 2012

My dad Les, was told by his doctor about 2 weeks ago that he only had about 2 weeks to live.  His doctor also told him that that there was someone higher than him that was in charge and not for my dad to give up.  I requested prayer for him at that time and I now want to testify that prayer works.  My dad is still alive and the doctors are stumped.  You see my dad had had 2 Aneurysms of the brain and his body would not produce platletts.  This past week doctors have been running tests because of dad's turn around - the doctor's cannot find any Aneurysms or even any scars on his brain.  The doctors have ran 7 CAT scans trying to find them.  The doctor have told us that even if the Aneurysms dried up there would be scars where they were - let me say it again, after 7 CAT Scans the doctors cannot find an Aneurysm or any scars.  If that is not enough, they tested dad's bone marrow at the same time and the number was very low (1200); 2 days later they did another test and the number was 2300 and said that his body was making plaitlettes.  PTL.  The doctors cannot explain this, but I know who is responsible and that is God.