Mother Raises Man From the Dead Outside Restaurant - TGN Exclusive

TGN Exclusive...testimony sent to us by Trisha Trosclair 10/16/13
This was just days after the "Advance Prophetic Conference" where during one session of the conference, I was in my apartment on the 4th floor with my daughter who needing Mommy time, but I felt a pull on my heart to go and listen for a few minutes. I went out and sat on the 4th Floor and listened to Bob Jones as he told about raising the dead in a redneck restaurant. Bob said that he walked up to the person who was lying dead and just prayed in the spirit and didn't do anything else--only prayed. He just asked Father God what did He want to do.

I remember thinking I want that kind of faith; I want to raise the dead. So feeling like I needed to get back to my daughter, I pulled myself away thinking later and hear the whole thing on DVD .
A week later here we are,We got to the BBQ KING on Wilkerson Blvd – it was like an old fashion root beer stand where you ordered from your car and someone brings it to you. That was a good thing, because looking around we decided to lock our doors. We finished eating and were cleaning up to leave when Jonelle said "I would love to be broke down here!" I replied,
“What? Why did you say that?” She responded, “The people over there Momma; they are broke down.”
I looked over to see. She said when people are broke down they have their hood up. I wondered what was up, so I rolled down the window and asked the old guy who was staring into the windshield of the jeep, “What’s up?”
He said a guy in there is passed out. It was then I noticed someone calling 911 and giving the address, and a skinny guy was pacing and looking like he was upset or high on something.
The fire truck was there in 2 or 3 minutes, so I said let’s stay put so we aren't in the way.
I watched the fireman pull a young man about 20 yrs old out of the jeep, and I said to Jonelle, “Don't look!” I saw him as he flopped lifelessly out of the jeep when they pulled him out. Then I turned the key and put the van in reverse and said to Jonelle, “I don’t want you to see a dead body. Then from my heart I heard "You are just gonna leave, are you?" Then I told Jonelle, “I can’t just leave!” I asked her if it was OK if Momma goes and prayers for him. She said, “OK, Mom.”
I was so scared, but knew that I had to do something. Then Bob Jones’ story came to mind. “Pray in the Spirit; ask the Father what to do; don't do anything until He tells you.”
So I did just that. About 10 minutes went by, and the Medics were doing everything to him as I was standing at his feet, but not close enough to be in the way. I saw them give him a shot in his arm and use a squeeze bag to push air into his lungs. I thought, “Oh he is breathing.” But when the squeezing stopped his chest didn't move. “Oh darn, okay keep praying....”
Then the skinny guy came out of the building screaming, “That’s my friend, he's my friend!!” That was my cue. I went to him with a heart full of compassion. I felt like it would burst! I was now near the head of the dead man, and I was telling his friend, “Hey shhh, he can hear you don’t frighten him. Look they are doing all they can let’s stay back and let them work.”
I then turned to him and ask, “What’s his name?” He said, “Jonathan!”
I don’t know where it came from, but it sounded like my voice, and it just flew out of my mouth with authority like I had never done before... “Jonathan come back, in Jesus’ name!”

When the Name Jesus came out of my mouth, his eyes fluttered and then popped open wide. Mike, his friend screamed, “He opened his eyes. He is alive he is alive!!!” Jonathan coughed and pushed away the oxygen mask and tried to sit straight up! I turned to Mike and said, “Can I hug you? He told me I could. I felt that he had not been hugged in a while and that he was some kind of drug addict because he was a bag of bones. So I gave him a bear hug and I said, “Praise Jesus, Mike!!!” We both shouted, “Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus!”
I asked if he was riding in the ambulance with his friend. He said, “I don’t have a license. I can’t drive the one we came in.” So we spoke to the firemen and asked if he could ride with his friend to CMC. They said that he could. I told the Medics, “Good Job,” but didn’t get any response from them. But then they were probably still in "Go Mode” themselves as they were still loading Jonathan into the ambulance and cleaning up their gear.
Whew. I said good bye to Mike and hugged him and went back to my van. I gave the thumbs up to the other people in the cars around us and every one cheered!
My van was only two cars away, but Jonelle was the one who noticed them. If it weren't for her, we might not have noticed what looked like a broken down car. Thanks to my 9 year-old and the Spirit of God in her, we were able to see the power of the Name above all names, JESUS, and Glorify God together!
I am forever changed ......
Patricia "Trisha" Trosclair