Atheist Marine Gets Hit With the Love of the Father - Brittny Burch

Brittny Burch  May 3, 2012 
One of the marines who came into my work today claimed to not believe in God. He said that when he was 9 years old he watched his best friend's head get cut off by a Russian Mafia guy. "God wasn't there when I needed Him so why should I give Him the time of day?" My heart broke cuz so many Christians try to shove religion down people's throat and claim God is in control. No wonder this guy is angry at a seemingly uncaring god! A lady that works there too began to talk to him about God but I could tell it was the same "spiel" he's heard before. As he walked out the door I ran out after him. I apologized on behalf of Christians for trying to shove religion down his throat and for the false idea that God is in control. I explained how it is the devil who kills, steals and destroys, that, yes God died for him but more importantly He lives for him. We talked for a bit and suddenly the marine looked at me and as his eyes began to fill with tears as I told him how much Jesus absolutely loves him and asked if I could pray, not for salvation, but for anything physical and just to bless him. Turns out he has all sorts of physical injuries and he let me pray. After praying he said he felt energy all over his body, he said I could pray again so I did and he felt intense hot, tingly energy. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You don't know the anger you've undone just with an apology, you carry a presence that draws people to you, that's why people go to your side of the office, like magnets, lol! You make people feel comfortable enough to spill their guts. Thank you so much, thank you." Holy Spirit is in us, and wants to draw the broken and hurting to us like magnets!!! Let's love the hell out of people!!! Thank you, Daddy;•)