Norwegian Woman's Question Answered in the Strangest Way - Bethel


Doug from Arkansas came to Bethel with his wife last September while on their honeymoon. He had been yelling out at random moments, “shee da bee,” when an inescapable feeling came over him. Every time he heard anyone speaking another language, he would come up to him or her and ask, “What does 'shee da bee' mean?” No one knew. He has continued to say the phrase all throughout the year.

At Bethel last week for the Open Heavens Conference, while in the prayer house, he heard some people speaking another language, so he approached them and asked if they knew what the phrase meant. A Norwegian woman reacted. She told him that she had just finished telling God that she needed an answer to a specific question when Doug walked up. She told Doug that he had brought the answer to her question. "Shee da bee" (not the correct spelling) means "let it go" in Norwegian. It turns out that Doug has been walking around shouting, “Let it go!” in Norwegian. The woman who received the answer was the woman whom James Maloney prayed for in the afternoon session just a few hours after Doug had brought her this answer from God.

TGN shared from Bethel website: