Doctors Said It Was the Worst Case of Fibrocystic Breast Disease - TGN Jill Wyckoff

For the last 15+ years I’ve been dealing with what the doctors called “the most extreme case of fibrocystic breast disease they’d ever seen”.  No matter how many torturous medical procedures I went through the cysts would come back within days, often more aggressive and worse than before.  The pain was horrendous. In October 2012, I was referred to a surgeon who told me that my condition was so extreme that the cysts were all the way back to the chest wall and there was almost no breast tissue left.  She said my only option for relief was a complete double mastectomy.

To preface this – three years ago God gave me a very clear vision that He was going to heal me of this disease. Afterwards, the condition got worse and worse but I held on to this promise and decided to trust Him despite what I was going through. In the end, I said yes to God and no to the mastectomy.

A month ago, I started noticing changes. I felt that a creative miracle was taking place. Not only was He removing the cysts, but He was creating breast tissue. On April 20th I had my first “normal” mammogram procedure ever (full compression)! The nurse, who remembered me from before, couldn’t believe the changes! She kept exclaiming how miraculous it was. We talked about God's healing touch and His love for us. She told me how this encouraged her not to give up on prayer - even when the answers didn't come right away. When I left the office I couldn’t stop crying. I was so overwhelmed by God’s love and this miraculous healing.

I then left a message with the surgeon about the results of the test but was only able to connect with her assistant who, after talking with the doctor, told me that the doctor would not respond to my belief that God was healing me, and would report only that there were still cysts evident on the mammogram. The doctor would not go into any detail about the reduction of cysts, which irritated me since it was so apparent.  But the Assistant told me that she felt this was indeed miraculous and it was obvious that the Lord was healing me because there was absolutely no other explanation. She said that she was having a mammogram that afternoon and was very encouraged by this testimony. And then she told me to go out and celebrate!

I will continue to thank God for this amazing miracle and walk out the rest of my healing with confidence and joy!

Jill Wyckoff- Co-founder of TGN