Prophetic Blessing Through Children - Open Heavens Conference - Bethel


The children at Bethel Christian School wrote and illustrated prophetic cards and placed them on the chairs for the participants of the 2014 Open Heavens Conference. We received great testimonies from people who were very touched by their cards. Here is one:

Rob and Jen from New Hampshire received a prophetic card from the BCS kids. A week before coming to the conference, Jen kept having visions of giant rainbows every time she closed her eyes. When she opened her card, the first thing she saw was a crayon colored rainbow. It read, "I see you as a rainbow and you are brightening up other people's day with your joy." Rob’s also deeply touched him. It, too, was a word about how God sees him. Rob said with tear in his eyes, “It was just the word I needed.”

Between sessions, they headed over to the prayer house pathways. When they came to the part of the pathway that reads, “In your presence is fullness of joy,” the weighty presence of God came on them and supernatural laughter so much that they could barely stand up. Rob took pictures of his wife in the shade while in this state, and a supernatural light showed up on the pictures, highlighting her hair.

TGN shared from bethel website: