Man Throws Away Cane and Brain Healed - Bethel

Bethel Healing Rooms testimony:

A few weeks ago, a man came from about two hours away. He had a cane and looked crippled. He worshiped and stood for prayer. The next week he came back and said that the teaching on dreaming with God restored a hope in him. He started to remember the things in his heart and what had been spoken over him years ago and how he was shot down, but now he believes for it. His countenance had changed; there was so much hope, joy and life! It was a miracle to me. Then we went on with the service. Words of knowledge were many, including a right hip that had an injury with pain. I saw the right leg, too, and it needed to grow. Also, there was something about a brain problem that needed healing. I did not know, but he had been in an accident many years earlier and has a brain injury and the right hip problem.

He came back the next week. He is no longer crippled but is walking straight, full of life and joy. He said he kept getting better, and on day 3, he got rid of the cane. He said the only thing that hurts are his muscles form exercising them; they had not been used in many years. He said his family says he is walking straight. His mind is changing with the hope and life of Christ. He is being healed of the brain injury, too. It is amazing to see! Yea, God!