Miracle of Jesus - John 4:46-53 - Go home, your son lives

A Royal Official in a middle eastern town had a son who was sick to the point of death. He heard Jesus was nearby so journeyed more than a day to do whatever it took to get His help. When he finally got in front of Jesus he burst out, "Sir, come down before my child dies!"
Jesus just said to him, "Go home, your son lives."
Hearing this word, the Royal Official immediately believed and began his journey home.
On the way home he met some of his servants coming towards him. Uncertain of the news they would bring, he waited with anticipation to get close enough to talk.
The servants excitedly reported, "Your son lives." (Exactly what Jesus had said!)
The man then inquired at what time his son's condition had changed and they responded, "Yesterday, at such and such a time."
The Royal Official then realized this was the exact same time Jesus had said, "Go home, your son lives." His own believing in Jesus word was confirmed and after arriving home his WHOLE HOUSEHOLD also believed. (see John 4:46-53)

What do you need from Jesus? "Go home, your son lives!"