Kathryn Khulman Calls Out a Baby to be Healed of Blood Disorder - Doctors Amazed at Full Recovery

A baby (Jay) was born with an enzyme deficiency in his blood and was gradually dying due to insufficient oxygen. In addition, he was profoundly deaf - if you slammed a door next to his crib he wouldn't even flinch. After three months he was in hospital and his skin was turning blue from lack of oxygen. There was nothing more the doctors could do. His mother was on her way back to the London, Ontario (Canada) hospital to see him probably for the last time. In transit she bumped into a friend who happened to be going to a Kathryn Khulman meeting a number of hours away. The mother told her friend she was going to the hospital.
Later that evening, during the meeting, Kathryn Khulman stopped mid-preaching and said, "There is a baby in London, Ontario with a blood disorder that Jesus is healing right now." (She had not been informed at all about baby Jay).
That very same moment the baby was completely healed, full color returned and the medical community were astounded.
A few days later the mother was taking her baby home and she had a  cassette tape in the player. At the end of one side it made a clicking noise as it automatically turned over. At the sound baby Jay jumped in his car seat. His mother made the cassette tape do the same thing again. Sure enough, baby Jay jumped again. He was no longer deaf!
Jay is now 40yrs old and pastoring a church in Essex, Ontario.