Woman From Coma Wakes and Entire Family in Waiting Room of Hospital is Healed - Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson  Oct 31  , 2012
So on Monday night, I'm due to go to hear Todd White and I get a call to go to an emergency situation in Entabeni hospital. A young lady and mother of two twin babies had had a seizure[lump in her brain] and is in a coma state with a 50 /50 chance of survival I am told. I pray for her and command her to wake up. I leave the ICU and get to meet her huge family who were in the waiting area. All of them are sick.....blindness, crocked back, pains in the stomach, headaches , depression, heart problems and high and low blood pressure. They all get healed or at worst feel instantly better / lighter [no longer oppressed]. At 4 am the young mother wakes up and by 9 am was speaking with full recollection of everything. God is truly sooooo amazing! The unsaved Hindu father of the lady has started telling all the sick people he sees, to get prayed for by me. He surely knows Good News when he sees it.