Dr. James Maloney-Cancer Healing

Dr. James Maloney-Cancer Healing

August 29, 2011

“While attending an At His Feet Ministry conference this month, Dr.  James Maloney was ministering and called a woman up with cancer and not  long to live.

She could not walk to him without the help of her husband  holding her. She was in her pajamas, weak, thin and with a scarf on her  head.

I watched Maloney take her right hand, saw a small bright red  bump (like a stop light) appear on his hand and he said the cancer was  leaving her body and traveling up his arm and out his neck. She weakened  and fell at this point. Maloney prayed for her husband and he too fell.

When the woman rose, she could walk on her own strength and walked  quickly up and down the aisle, jumping and praising God. By the end of  the evening she was talking with people having normal conversation. The  blessing for me was seeing the tears of her mother.”