The Dead Raised on Navy Base!

Our First Dead Raising Testimony from the Hope Center & School of Revival - Woman raised from the dead on Navy Base!

by Jacob N Heather Martin on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 11:40am

I   want to thank Pastors  Jacob N Heather Martin and The Hope Center for allowing me to share the  testimony of how God used me to raise someone   from the dead at the Navy  Commissary. Yes. You are reading correct. It  was unreal. Here is the  incident report that I had to file with the   military. It was a very  scary event and I am still in shock and pinching  myself that it really  happened...Witnesses saw it...and its  documented...So..Here ya go:

On  August 31st, 2011 I was  walking through the Navy Commissary with Chief  Bashall to pick up items   for the coffee mess and a cake for AM2 Browns  birthday. As we made our  way over to the Deli area where the cakes were,  I noticed a lady in  her late 60s to early 70s having what seemed like a  seizure or heart  attack. Within seconds, she fell back and slammed  violently against the  table behind her.

I was able to respond (by the  grace of God) to catch  her head before she hit the ground.  I  immediately tried to  communicate with her but she was disoriented and  was gasping for air. I  asked Chief to call 911 as I saw this situation was going from bad to  worse.  Chief responded and quickly went for help.   Moments later her  face became really red, her eyes became glazed over  and her breathes  became slower and slower. It was about this time that  Commander Cox who  had been shopping at the Commissary saw what was  happening and came  over to assist me.  We tried to calm her but within  seconds she took  her last breathe and seemed to have died.

Mr. Cox took  her pulse and  there was no pulse. Her body was limp and eyes still  glazed over with a  thousand yard stare. She had stopped breathing and  there was no  movement what so ever.  I decided to do what I know as a  follower of  Jesus Christ and that was to pray for the lady.  I am a  witness as well  as Commander Cox that what happened next was a miracle  of God.  I  prayed that Jesus Christ would raise her from the dead.

At  that moment    she took a huge breath and came too. At that time I looked  up and  Chief Bashall had brought the fireman and paramedics in and they   proceeded to take over.  When I stepped out of the way, she was totally   coherent, speaking fluently. It was as if nothing had happened. The EMS   team proceeded to take her safely out of the commissary on a stretcher    and all was well.  This is a factual and true event.

Signed...Petty  Officer John David Gregory (USN)