Tooth Lodged in Gums for Six Years Drops Down After Prayer - San Diego - Katie Mueller

Permission for TGN to share 1/9/15: Power of prayer.
Katie Mueller
My daughter, Kali, had lost a tooth when she was 6/7. The adult tooth never grew in. We took her to the orthodontist about six months ago to look at the tooth and see what we needed to do. The tooth was up there but just not dropping and we would have to cut it out which could be extremely painful, and even then, there was no guarantee that he would properly drop.

I was frustrated at first because she's going and gone through so much already and this is the last thing she needed. So, we decided to pray for the tooth to drop. She's almost 12, so the tooth hasn't dropped in 6 years basically. We had Kali lay hands on where her tooth is suppose to come in and pray. Through the week, all of a sudden we saw her tooth peaking out. It was really up in her gums in the X-ray. Her tooth is now almost all the way dropped! Haha! Yay God.

If it's important to you, it's important to God. There no such thing as prayer for something too small or too big.