Jesus Heals Blood Cancer in Young Boy - Doctor Verified

Video Testimony of Healing and Hope from Hyderabad

Here is a simple story of a young man named Uttam who suffered from some chronic illness. His father and his stepmother did not treat him well as they had to spend money on him. That left Uttam in a deep hurt and anguish. One day he saw a program, Drishtanth a serial based on the life of Christ on Christian TV channel. Uttam was touched by life and miracles of Jesus and how he touched the lives of downcasted people. So Utaam decided to letter to the CBN program. He heard back from them in a few days and the letter was filled words of love and compassion towards Uttam.

Later, he found  a devastating news that he was suffering from blood cancer. He did not know where to go and what to do. He thought to go to the CBN office in Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh from where he had received the letter with Words of Jesus Christ. The CBN people warmly welcomed him and counseled him in the word of the Lord. Uttam had never felt or seen such love in his life. In the days to follow, He accepted Jesus Christ into his life. He felt loved and accepted among these new found Christian friends. After some time, when he had to go to a check up at the doctor’s office, all his friends prayed for him. When the doctor saw his tests results, they did not find any trace of  cancer in his blood. Jesus Christ had healed him completely. Praise the Lord.

Here is the video testimony in his own words.