Gold Dust Appears Under Microscope - Dominion Fire Church

Dominion Fire Church (testimony shared from facebook and youtube January 2014)

VIDEO: In ministry 2014, the gloves are coming off. It's time to start unleashing the power of God on everyone and everything. That said, interesting occurrence today, and I decided to document it. We decided to go to the Children's Museum here in town, and in one of the areas, they had a microscope hooked up to a screen. People would sit and look at various objects under magnification, including their hands.

Now the topic of gold sparkles, gemstones and gold dust etc are very controversial topics in the church today. I, however, am interested in learning the truth over tradition. In our ministry, we are able to call up gold dust and sparkles, basically on command and demonstrate that kind of miracle. Members of our ministry team can confirm this as well.

I decided to pray for gold dust to show up on my hands, and then I sat at the microscope and tried to grab video and pictures to show you what it looks like. The screen kept showing glare, and we couldn't get the best pictures. It looked amazing, and I did my best to get footage to show you. Here is my latest youtube video featuring an intro on the subject and display of gold dust under a microscope. This topic will get some people going, I am guessing. Let's get ready to rumble...