Homeless Man is Blessed by God Through the Power of Prayer - Bethel

January.30.14 (testimony shared from Bethel website - link can be found on our TGN Connections page on website)

In April last year, I saw a homeless guy on a bike looking in the dumpster in front of my house. So I went out and gave him groceries and prayed for him. A week later, I saw him again and brought some groceries, and my friend and I drove him to where he was staying. Then we just prayed over him.

Last week, I was outside of my house, and I saw a motorcycle going past, and the driver was waving at me. He stopped and took off his helmet, and it was that guy! He said, "Look what God gave me. Shortly after you prayed, I got a job, and I got enough money to buy a trailer and a motorcycle, and I have been looking for you for months to tell you."

—BSSM student, Jennifer Spiegel