Baby Born Blind Can Now See After Prayer - Don Allen

Don Allen (Two Guys and a Bible ministry and Christ the Healer show)

We just finished up out South East Missouri revival. We held meetings in Sikeston, Poplar Bluff, East Prairie and New Madrid.

One evening a woman bright in an adopted baby who's biological mother was an alcoholic. Due to the excessive drinking during pregnancy, this child was born blind.

The adoptive mother heard of the revival and some of the miracles taking place in Sikeston earlier in the week. She brought her baby to our East Prairie meeting where Kirk and I laid our hands on this baby and commanded that it see in Jesus name! Nothing.

But, after the mother and child got home that night, the mother accidentally hit the light button on her phone and instantly the child turned to see the light! Making sure that the baby was not simply responding to sounds, the mother began a series of movements with various objects and the babies eyes locked on and followed every movement. She has scheduled a doctors visit to co firm this next week!

He still makes the blind to see. Jesus is in the miracle working business, and business is good!!!

***Please note that picture of baby with blue eyes is a stock image and not the actual child healed. We are waiting for doctor verification and hope to update soon after we receive the information.