Kids Scars Vanish at Youth Group

Matthew Smith January 17th 2013 Check out this crazy testimony of what God did in my youth group Ignite Red Bluff. He is BLOWING my mind!

I was not feeling well on this day, but I wasn't going to let that cancel youth group. I asked one of my leaders to lead the night, and I also asked one of my youth to share her testimony with the group. When she was sharing her testimony something happened in one of my other youth. He is new to the group. This was his second time at youth. He left the room and one of his friends followed him to make sure he was ok. The friend came out to get my leader to talk to him. He explained that in his past he would cut himself to take away the pain of life, but when my youth was sharing her testimony he happened to look down at his arms and all his scars were completely gone. This freaked him out at first. He asked "Is this normal?" My leader responded "It is in the kingdom!" Sense this night I've been able to chat with this student and explain that God loves him so much and has taken that part of his past away. This has not only rocked this students life but his friend is completely blown away by what God has done. God is good REALLY good.