Stripes on Back Appear After Prayer and Doctor Calls Off Surgery - Terri Patterson

Terri Patterson

September 9, 2013
near Farmington, MO

(testimony shared on facebook)

I rushed my husband to the hospital Saturday night on severe pain. Told it was his pancreatis again enzymes >1000, needed to be <60. Planning on putting PIC line this morning. Asked pastor to stop in and pray for us yesterday. He prayed that by the stripes he was healed. A few hours later while rubbing his back to comfort him I noticed he had "stripes " on his back. Anyone that knows me knows I'm a nail biter,NO nails. I made a comment about it and took a picture. This morning we were waiting for the processes to begin this morning. Doctor came in and stopped it all saying his enzymes were 32!!!! 

I'm giving glory to God!!! He's alive and in control!!! Thank you God.