Homeless and Drug Addicted Dishwasher Receives Blessing - Bethel

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA (testimony shared from facebook January 2014)

Love in action in business:
Chef in Seattle finds his out one of his dishwashers is homeless and very eager to turn his life around. After many years of drug addiction and homelessness he didn't believe in himself nor think that he was worthy to have anybody believe in him. The chef offers him a place to live at his house and takes him in. Also sees that he has much greater potential than being the dishwasher. He helps get him another job where he has potential to grow and within three days is promoted to a line cook. He now has his own place to live, paying rent and feeling a sense of accomplishment by having a job and a roof that he provided over his own head.

The kingdom of heaven is about believing in people before they believe in themselves and demonstrating how God loves them before they deserve it. What a great testimony of the kingdom in action.