High School Kids Are Prophecied Over and Led to Jesus - Bethel

January.24.14 (shared from Bethel website- link is on our connections page on TGN website)

I was with two second-year students in Brisbane, Australia. At the end of the evening we were going to the Gold Coast, where we were staying. On the way, our ride asked us if we wanted to minister at a thing called Schoolies, where high school seniors spend a week after graduation getting drunk and doing other foolish things. We went and only planned on going for a half hour because it was late. After preaching the gospel and prophesying over some kids and seeing them encounter God, we walked past a group of kids and I said, "One more time before we leave." I yelled out to the small group of kids, "Any of you ever had a 'spiritual reading' before?" One girl said, "Give one to me. I love these things!" We said, "OK." She stood in front of us, and my friend Krister said, "I see you doing theater. You have a real passion for theater." She said, "That's right. How did you know?" She told us she was into spiritual things. In the spirit, I saw her angel on his knees begging, "Ask her about her dreams. Ask her about her dreams."

I said, "Do you have a lot of dreams?" She said, "Yes, I have so many dreams."

When I asked that question, God opened things up. I told her how she used to see things in her room when she was younger like demons and she would have horrible nightmares. I said, "I felt like God told me we weren't the first people or the last to talk to you about Jesus." She said, "You are the third people today."

I said, "You see how God is chasing you? Do you want to give your life to Jesus?"

"Yes, I do."

At that point, her friends were saying, "Do it to me!" So my friend prophesied over them while I prayed with her to lead her to the Lord. I could hear the others saying in the background, "This is crazy! God is real!"

I explained the gospel to her. I explained about heaven and hell. I encouraged her to join a church. She said, "Yeah, I'll do it!" She was really convinced.

She prayed to ask Jesus to be Lord of her life. After that, I explained to her that the Holy Spirit wanted to come and touch her. Before I even prayed for her, when I said that, she shrunk in. I felt what happened to her. The Holy Spirit came upon her and a weight came off her shoulders. Then I prayed for her, and we connected her to our friend who was driving us and was a part of a church in the Gold Coast.

While I was leading her to the Lord, one of her friends was also giving his life to God after he received an accurate prophetic word, too.

—BSSM Intern Aaron Guscott